parents and infants 


The New Parent Infant Network (NEWPIN) program is for mothers and their pre-school children, offering a welcoming and supportive environment.

Based at our NEWPIN house, we can help you to strengthen and improve your relationship with your child, improve parenting skills and your self esteem.

We help and support you and your children to develop daily routines to improve your parenting skills at home.

We will work with you to set some family goals and work out practical, achievable plans that will work for you and your child/ren.




The program includes group work and activities that are fun for you and child/ren and you have a chance to provide input into these activities.

Referral to NEWPIN is through Barwon Child FIRST.  

NEWPIN has also undergone an indepth evaluation and to view the findings click here.


supported playgroups

Playgroups are an important community and school connection for families, and provide a place for parents to develop skills. Bethany runs supported playgroups in various locations, including one with a specific fathers’ focus. Call us for more information or download the flyers below.

All Bethany (Greater Geelong) Playgroups

Armstrong Creek Supported Playgroups

Bethany Northern Suburbs Supported Playgroup

Geelong East Primary Supported Playgroup

Rollins Primary Supported Playgroup

St Leonards Primary Supported Playgroup

Tallis Supported Playgroup