gambler's help

For some people gambling can go from entertainment and fun to a serious and stressful issue. When this happens, gambling becomes not just a problem for the person gambling but also for the people around them, family, friends and work colleagues.

If your gambling or the gambling of someone you know has become a problem in your life there are steps you can take.

We will work with you to reduce the impact of the problem gambling and develop strategies to prevent further harm.

We know that financial issues often come out of problem gambling, so we can help you sort out your finances and give you tips and tools to manage them.

Call us to find out how we can help you.


information session

Bethany Gamblers Help Program runs free, one-off information sessions for individuals, couples, family and friends who are concerned about the impacts of gambling. More information.


venue support

We visit gambling venues in the region to provide training for staff and act as a link between gaming venues and counselling and support services.

community education

We work closely with a wide range of community groups including schools, teaching the community to recognise and help problem gamblers.

other support services available

Gambler's Help 1800 858 858 (24 hours)

Online counselling and support

Problem Gambling information and advice 

Advice for welfare professionals


Recently the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation launched its new suite of support services. To find out more click on this link.