family services

Parenting and being part of a family can be one of the most challenging parts of your life and we support parents and carers who are having a tough time.

We can help you develop parenting skills, manage your child's behaviour and manage your household. We can provide counselling, housing support, financial assistance and advice.

Are you the mother of a young child? We have programs that can help you improve your parenting skills, build your self esteem and your relationship with your pre-school child.

For families with a parent or child with an intellectual or physical disability we understand the kind of help you may need and we are here for you.


If you are caring for a family member or close friend's child we have support and programs to help you.

We know that children and parents can be under a lot of stress when there is conflict at home or parents are separating. We can help with child custody change overs, supervised contact visits and support for children experiencing separation.

Contact Barwon Child FIRST to discuss how we can help you and your family.